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In his spare time, Jordan watches and reviews movies, whether they be new or old. The platform that Jordan uses is Letterboxd, which is a website for reviewers to read and post reviews. Jordan's reviews are quite popular and are well written. Below is a sample of some of his best reviews.

To read more of Jordan's reviews, check out his profile on Letterboxd with the link below:

"Rosemary's Baby", 1968
"Eighth Grade", 2018



Watched Jul 162018


Rosemary’s Baby emphasizes the true essence of suspense and fear. As an audience, we are left at the edge of their seat in shock about the events unfolding on screen. Director Roman Polanski uses long camera shots that consist of strong depth of field, left for our eye to wonder and search for what’s to come. As for our ears, sound is composed of simple and still noise that places the audience into the mind of Rosemary Woodhouse. The storyline is a combination of Hitchcock’s style of suspense and Polanski’s attention to not necessarily the jump scare, but the possibility that it can occur.

Mia Farrow’s performance as Rosemary Woodhouse left the audience vulnerable to her every feeling of distrust towards the characters. We connect with her situation, even though we aren’t experiencing what she is (well...hopefully). John Cassavetes as Guy Woodhouse lures our gullible eye into trust and, in a sexist way, power. We believe in him and don’t want him to fall victim as well. What’s great about that is we don’t really know whether or not he has (argue with me in the comments about that!).


I had the esteemed pleasure of watching this in 35mm at the Quad theater in New York City. I highly suggest watching it in the way it was meant to be screened, considering it adds a layer of nostalgic fear that (I feel) wouldn’t be present if shown digitally.


A true cornerstone in the inception of the modern horror film. High praise to the techniques and storytelling of Polanski. I think I might get some sleep tonight!



Watched Jul 312018


Eighth Grade Checklist:

Stacking Crayola markers to make a tower ✔️
Playing the national anthem in band ✔️
Braces everywhere ✔️
“The hair down there” ✔️
Dreamboat douchebag everyone crushes on ✔️
Bitchy broads who suck ✔️
Pool birthday parties ✔️


Be sure to look out for Gabe, who is a mirror image of myself at that age. He can:

Hold his breathe under water ✔️
Gets all the dipping sauces ✔️
Nervous to say anything ✔️


You’re gonna fall in love with Kayla as if she’s your daughter and friend. I cheered for her the whole movie. I was there for her during the highs and felt bad for her during the lows. She’s got two winning lines:


“Confidence is a choice.”


Kayla’s Dad was a home run. He has a lot more patience than I would as a Dad, but his performance is relatable and anyone would be lucky to have a father like him.


This movie was fantastic. The shots were great, the writing was great, and it FELT REAL AND RELATABLE. I’m happy that my girlfriend turned me on to this and would gladly see it again. I think if a movie defined the coming of age genre, this would do it 100%. Go see this with anyone and I guarantee they can relate and love it.


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